The My 50’s Classic app is no longer available.

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Enjoy The Rich History Of Your Classic Car… With This Original, Interactive, iPad App!

Relive the decades of stories and details that make your classic car special, with the first-of-its-kind My 50’s Classic app! Put the “story” back into the history of your car by chronicling the events that give your car its distinctive character…


New features have arrived! My 50’s Classic for iPad now includes social media integration, including Facebook, Twitter and emailing events and photos from within the app!

Curate a living photo gallery for your classic car. It goes anywhere your iPad goes! The photos link to the events timeline, so you can click through for more details on where and when photos were taken.

Collect pictures and notes – organized by date – to create a distinctive, easy-to-navigate timeline for your classic beauty. Click on specific events to experience a detailed view of photos and stories.

So much more than a maintenance log! Save important details to the specs page, and name your classic. As you enter new mechanical and maintenance events, they merge into the timeline – for a complete, interactive record as unique as your car.

Since you can never know too much about classic cars, we’ve added one-touch access to resources and reference websites! Find car clubs, historical overviews and other enthusiasts with ease. Filter your search results by model and year for quick, specific information.


Advanced Features For Thunderbirds & Corvettes!

My 50’s Classic is perfection for any car, but we’ve added advanced features for 1955/1956/1957 Thunderbirds and 1957/1958/1959 Corvettes. Check them out!

Automatic VIN Decoding: Your VIN and Production Code will be automatically decoded to tell you more about the original details of your Thunderbird or Corvette. Discover where and when it was made, specific production number and other details.

My Classic Narrative: This app takes the specific details of your car and weaves them together into a magazine-style feature. Insert a beauty shot of your classic to complete the picture!

Find Production Details: Reference the factory details, quantity & specifics of the make and model of your classic car.


This independent software is not associated with any auto maker.


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